临时总统2021 -

The 董事会 appointed Amy Marcus-Newhall, vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty, as interim president effective April 16, 2021. Marcus-Newhall served as a special advisor to 总统 Tiedens from April 1-15.

结果蒂登斯:劳拉观看2016 - 2021

Lara Tiedens began her tenure as president of Scripps College on August 1, 2016, assuming the title of the W.M. 凯克总统椅. 总统 Tiedens has implemented initiatives to promote innovative pedagogy, ensure a holistic student experience, cultivate a diverse and inclusive community, and forge strategic partnerships to amplify Scripps’ impact and influence on the advancement of women in society. 她领导制定了一项新的战略计划,以加强斯克里普斯学院作为全国文科和女性教育领导者的地位,并加强对学院使命的承诺, 值, and legacy while shaping its future. 对蒂登斯总统来说最重要的举措包括:利用斯克里普斯学院在人文学科的丰富传统来解决复杂的经济问题, 社会, and political challenges; building the pipeline of women leaders in fields in which they are underrepresented, such as science and technology; and cultivating a culture of equity and inclusion on campus. 她增加了财政援助预算,以扩大对弱势学生的支持,并实施了总统奖学金倡议,以提高对奖学金的捐赠支持. She has also led conversations to strengthen the Scripps community through curiosity, 同情, 和对话.

Interim 总统 2015-2016

The 董事会 appointed Amy Marcus-Newhall, vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty, as interim president effective mid-October. Marcus-Newhall worked closely with 总统 Lori Bettison-Varga to manage the transition until her departure.

Lori Bettison-Varga: 2009-2015

Lori Bettison-Varga became Scripps College’s eighth president July 1, 2009. During her six-year tenure, 贝蒂斯-瓦尔加校长提高了斯克里普斯学院作为一所优秀的文科学院和女性教育领导者的声誉, resulting in a significant increase in admission applications.

总统 Bettison-Varga launched the College’s most ambitious fundraising campaign to date, which enabled new student 学者ships, new facilities including the College’s tenth residence hall, and the Laspa Center for Leadership. In addition, the endowment per student by grew by more than 15 percent during her tenure. 总统 Bettison-Varga’s accomplishments include leading development of a comprehensive sustainability program, establishing campus-wide inclusion and diversity initiatives, and strengthening engagement with all Scripps constituencies through accessible, 响应, and results-oriented leadership.

As a national advocate for higher education, Bettison-Varga served on the boards of the Annapolis Group, 女子学院联盟, National Merit Scholarship Corporation, the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, National Institute for Technology and Education, 怀伊咨询委员会, and the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and she was a member of the International Women’s Forum.

Prior to coming to Scripps College, Bettison-Varga was provost and dean of the faculty at Whitman College, 2007年至2009年. 以前, 她曾担任伍斯特学院(College of Wooster)地质学系教授、研究和资助副院长, 从2002年到2007年. She earned a PhD and MS in geology from the 加州大学, 戴维斯, 和地质学学士学位, 以优异的成绩, from the 加州大学, 圣芭芭拉分校.

Frederick “Fritz” Weis: 2007-2009

弗雷德里克•米. “Fritz” Weis became interim president of Scripps College effective July 1, 2007, as a national search was underway for its next president. Shortly after the search concluded in March 2009, the 董事会 voted to elevate his position to full president, making him the seventh president in the history of Scripps College.

In announcing the appointment, 董事会 chair Roxanne Wilson noted, “Fritz brings to Scripps a lifetime of experience and commitment to higher education and 克莱尔蒙特学院. His professional background in financial management, college administration and teaching, combined with outstanding personal qualities, make him the ideal steward of the Scripps presidency.”

Weis’ appointment continued a 26-year career in administrative and faculty positions at 克莱尔蒙特学院. He served as director of financial and business affairs and treasurer of Scripps College for two years in the early 1980s, developing and managing the annual budget and major residential hall renovation program; in addition, he taught the College’s first accounting class. He has also lectured at Pomona College and Claremont Graduate University, was vice president and treasurer of Claremont McKenna College, and was executive practitioner in residence at Claremont McKenna, teaching undergraduate courses in accounting and finance.

他拥有克莱蒙特的三个学位:管理和金融工商管理硕士学位和克莱蒙特研究生院的高等教育硕士学位, and a BA in business economics from Claremont McKenna College. Weis is quick to boast that every member of his immediate family has graduated from one of 克莱尔蒙特学院; his wife, 玛丽·弗雷泽Weis, 是斯克里普斯的校友吗.

“The importance of a liberal arts education is paramount to us,”他说. 斯克里普斯学院的女性支持跨学科方法对课程的重要性,以及核心课程在她们生活中的作用.”

南希Bekavac: 1990 - 2007

Nancy Bekavac became the sixth president of Scripps College on July 1, 1990, the first woman president for Scripps College and the first woman president of any school in the Claremont Consortium.

在她赴约之前, Bekavac served as counselor to the president of Dartmouth College and as executive director of the Thomas J. 沃森基金会. 这些职位, along with an academic history at both Swarthmore College and Yale University, faculty positions at Occidental College, 加州大学洛杉矶分校法学院, and Claremont McKenna College, and more than a decade of practicing law, made her well suited to serve as Scripps’ president.

Bekavac helped revitalize Scripps’ interdisciplinary Core Curriculum in the Humanities, increased campus diversity, added faculty positions to meet a growing student body, and presided over the Campaign for the Scripps Woman, the most successful capital campaign in the College’s 81-year history, which was supported by 85 percent of 女校友.

在她任职期间, Bekavac oversaw the construction and renovation of several important buildings on campus, including the Elizabeth Hubert Malott Commons and Scripps Performing Arts Center.

Most important, during her presidency, the student body grew from 600 to 850. “Nancy hired remarkable teachers and 学者s, while increasing the academic qualifications of entering students,罗克珊·威尔逊说, chair of the Scripps College 董事会, after Bekavac’s resignation in 2007. “Today, Scripps is positioned at the forefront of women’s and liberal arts education in America.”

在贝卡瓦茨总统向斯克里普斯社区发表的告别演说中,她说:“我现在和将来都会为有机会看到这所小小的学院成长为卓越的学府而深深感激, dynamic institution it is today and play a part in its development. I leave with full confidence in the direction of the College and, 最重要的是, in the Scripps women of today and of the future. I will miss our daily contacts greatly, and I will always cheer you on.”

E. 霍华德·布鲁克斯:1989 - 1990

E. 霍华德·布鲁克斯在1989年成为斯克里普斯学院院长之前,与克莱蒙特财团有着悠久而传奇的历史. He began as provost of 克莱尔蒙特学院 in 1971 after more than two decades of service to Stanford University, where he worked in a variety of senior administrative positions and as consultant to several foundations.

布鲁克斯校长在1987年成为斯克里普斯学院的教务长之前,曾担任克莱蒙特·麦肯纳学院的规划与发展副校长. 1989年7月,他被董事会任命为代理主席,任职至他要求的6月30日退休, 1990.

在他的任期内, 布鲁克斯校长努力使斯克里普斯学院的教学大纲多样化,并发展出一个真正的跨学科的文科模式. In a spring 1990 Scripps Bulletin interview, 布鲁克斯说, “I believe very much in a general education core.他认为,学院不能继续把自己描绘成一个只强调人文和艺术的女子学院. “未来, 斯克里普斯学院可能会被描述为一所以人文和艺术为核心的女子文理学院,”他说.

总统 Brooks also worked to improve faculty involvement in key College decisions. 他重组